From the first contact, regarding the offering of our services, we take into consideration the conditions analysis to ensure the compliance of the delivery terms, with optimal technologies to guarantee the customer requirements.

For special projects we have contacted our customers after delivery to find out about the satisfaction and the behavior of the delivered parts in the functioning of the products they are part of.

From the reception of the products entered into the company, until the verification of the delivered products, we pay special attention to the customer through the concern with which we negotiate the prices, in order to be mutually advantageous.

We deal with the same concern with environmental issues, as well as with the training and development of the staff.

  • Optimal tehnical conditions100%
  • Part verification at reception100%
  • Continuous monitoring100%
  • Pre-delivery individual inspection100%

Solutions offered

Price request analysis for determining the optimal tehnical conditions, available capacity, estimated delivery time and production cost.

Establishing the technical conditions and communicating them to the customer in order to obtain his consent: material grade, type of heat treatment, optimal technical parameters, intercalation of treatment operations in the processing stream and necessary technological additions.

Establishment of technological parameters leading to the required mechanical characteristics, the establishment of equipment and devices.

Analyzing and communicating to the customer all the resulting deviations for jointly identifying how products are handled.

Price negotiating according to the quantity and fidelity.