About Us

About us

Duroterm is a private capital Romanian company, which aims to provide services in the metallurgical field (thermal and thermochemical treatments), galvanic coatings (black oxide, manganese phosphating, hard chrome plating) and machining (turning, milling and grinding).

Our goal is to fully meet our customers’ expectations so that the products delivered by us will be reliable and thereby thrive together.


Duroterm having as its field of activity the heat treatment, the coating of metals and the general mechanical machining, follows the implementation of the Integrated Management System according to SR EN ISO 9001: 2015, SR EN ISO 14001: 2005, SR EN OHSAS 18001: 2008, (continuous improvement of performance the quality of the organization, the control of the environmental impact and the health of the employees). continuous improvement of the organization’s performance in terms of quality, control of environmental impact and employee health.

The implementation and maintenance of the policy is carried out at all levels to ensure the profitability and rentability of Duroterm:

  • Achieving maximum customer satisfaction through quality products and services as well as feedback;
  • Developing promotional activity by using classic and modern methods to ensure client portfolio growth;
  • Training and awareness of the personnel regarding the legislative provisions, the environmental issues and the occupational health and safety obligations they have;
  • Satisfaction and motivation of all staff as well as all stakeholders involved in the good functioning of society;
  • Ensuring a partnership with suppliers;
  • Continuous improvement in environmental protection by adopting measures to prevent pollution, accidents that can have negative effects on the environment
  • Implement and maintain the integrated quality management system, environment, health and occupational safety;
  • Preventing the risks of accidents and occupational disease for all staff by identifying hazards and establishing measures to eliminate / mitigate them;
  • Compliance with the applicable legal requirements and other requirements the organization enacts in the field of environment, occupational health and safety.

The General Manager undertakes to make known, understood and enforced the policy on quality, environment, occupational health and safety and the objectives set, thereby ensuring the availability of human and financial resources.

The policy is communicated to the requesting parties and to all employees working under the control of the organization in order to become aware of their individual quality, environmental and SSO obligations.

This policy is addressed to all Duroterm employees regardless of their occupational position or level of training. They have the obligation to meet the requirements established by procedures, working instructions and other documents applicable to the field of activity.

What we can do for you

  • Heat treatments100%
  • Thermochemical Heat Treatments100%
  • Machining100%
  • Galvanic Coatings100%

Duroterm over the years

  • 1999 – 2017Upgrading and optimizations operations

    All the equipment taken over at the foundation were upgraded. In addition, the company has new machinery and equipment as a result of annual investment programs, programs that enable us to continuously develop capabilities and technologies, providing our customers with a wide range of services at competitive prices.
  • 2012Partenership with Neptun Gears

    Since 2012, Duroterm became an important partener of Neptun Gears Campina for the heat treatment necessary for mechanical transmissions.
  • 01.05.1999The beginning

    Duroterm was established on May 1, 1999, on the frame of the Heat Treatment Section established in 1966 at Uzina 23 August, which became FAUR SA in 1990. In this way the company has the advantage of a competent staff with experience in the field. Nowadays, 39% of Duroterm’s staff are about 25-30 years old in this activity, which guarantees an approach of the technical problems with professionalism and competence.

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